2 x 6 separately driven motor spindles with C-axis capabilities.
18 independently working CNC-controlled tool slides, optionally with one or two axis.
Complete machining with driven tools in all spindle positions).
Intensive backworking in the same cycle.
Particularly suitable for part families due to flexible setup and fast changeover.
MS Series
Multi Spindle Automatics

The MS52G has a total of 18 tool carries. The machine concept provides 10 tool carriers on the main spindle side and on the opposed headstock 8 additional tool carriers. Additionally, 6 spindles for backworking are available in a second spindle drum. The counter spindle quills that are in line with the 6 main spindles can be traversed in the Z-direction.

Limited and time consuming backworking capabilities on multi spindle machines are a thing of the past with the advent of the MS52G. The counter spindle machine allows machining of workpieces with complex backworking operations in one cycle.
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MS52G -
Main Spindles 2 x 6
Bar Capacity
Spindle Power
38.8 hp
Spindle Speed
5,000 rpm
Tool Carriers -
# of tool carriers (Headstock 1)
Slide travel X / Z / Y
# of tool carriers (Headstock 2)
Slide travel X / Z / Y
MS22 Brochure
MS32/MS52 Brochure
MS Series Powerpoint
Investment Justification
MS52 Robot Cut Demo A
MS Y-Axis Cut Demo