Main and counter spindle both with 2.6" bar capacity and 44 hp.
5-axis-interpolation for both milling spindles (available).
Separate subsystems for upper and lower motorized milling spindles, allowing full reverse side machining or parallel machining.
Simultaneous milling operations on main and counter spindle.
Tool strips with a total of 12 stationary tools permanently in the working area.
R Series 5-Axis Turn Mill

Turn-Mill Center for complete machining

The R200 Turning/ Milling Center produces precision workpieces nearly twice as fast as any conventional turn-mill.

Two powerful 18,000-rpm milling spindles moving freely in the Y and B axes and two moveable 5000-rpm work spindles both rough-machine and fine-turn in two independent subsystems at the same time.

And the R200 can do 5-axis work on both spindles simultaneously.
R200 -
Work Spindles -
Bar Capacity
Spindle Speed
5,000 rpm
Spindle Power
44.3 hp
Chuck Size
C-Axis Resolution
Max. # Tool Carriers 2
Carrier 1 X Travel
13.8" w/2" below spl center
Carrier 1 Y Travel
Carrier 2 Y Travel
B-Axis Rotation
Carrier 1 270°/Carrier 2 270°
Milling Spindle -
Spindle Power
14.8 hp
Spindle Speed
18,000 rpm
R200 Brochure
Investment Justification
R200 Cutting Demo