Sliding Headstock Automatic
Productive machining of long and slim parts.
TNL 12
Highly precise long turning technology with a diameter of up to 0.630", with a maximum of four tool carriers and innovative control concept.

The sliding headstock automatic TRAUB TNL12 is designed as a modular system. It can be suited exactly to the customers needs: a flexible turning center with two turrets for easy parts or with four tool systems for productive manufacturing of complex pieces.

High production rates due to simultaneous machining with up to four tool carriers at two identical spindles;
0.3 sec chip-to-chip time.
Two tool carriers with X- and Z-axis and six stations each for driven tools.
Front and rear working each have one tool carrier, which have four stations per carrier.
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TNL 12
Bar Capacity
Max. Turning Length
Spindle Speed
12,000 rpm
Spindle Power 25%/100%
5.4/3.4 hp
C-Axis Optional
Tool carrier / stations
Slide travel Y1
*For additional specifications please see brochure
TNL 12/12K Brochure
TNL 12/12K Powerpoint
Tx8i Control Brochure
TNL-12 Cutting Demo A